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A Few Keys to Proper Solid Waste Disposal


Excavation and new construction can both create a great deal solid waste. It’s a standard by-product of most jobs, and the last step in any project typically involves hauling off tons of broken concrete and other materials. What’s the best way to dispose of all that construction waste?

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From Parking Lots to Interstate Highways, RedStone is Job Ready


Over the past 35 years, our team at RedStone Construction Group has paved literally thousands of miles of roads and acres of parking lots throughout Arkansas. Our hardworking team stays very busy, and we owe our success to large amounts of repeat and referral business. At RedStone, we don’t just think of you as a customer, but as a partner.

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Four Underground Utility Services We Do Every Day


One of the more overlooked phases of municipal or commercial construction is site preparation. Before a building can go up, the lot has to be cleared and graded, and prepared for utility connections. The process is reasonably straightforward in the hands of the right professionals, but if done incorrectly, it can lead to significant construction delays, and create expensive long-term problems.

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Be Safe in Construction Zones-For Everyone’s Sake


Spring is just around the corner, bringing with it April showers, May flowers, and…road construction. Actually, you are subject to run up on road construction in Arkansas any time of year, but with the coming of milder weather, the likelihood of coming up on a construction site will be much higher. And where there is a construction job, construction workers aren’t far behind. Where you see a collection of orange vests and white hard hats, someone else sees a Mom, a Dad, a son or daughter, a grandparent, a grandchild, or a good friend.

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Asphalt vs Concrete: Which is Better?


If you’re looking to pave a driveway or parking area, one of the first decisions that you’ll need to make is the material that you want to use. Concrete and asphalt both have unique advantages, and it’s important to make an informed decision.

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If You Want Room to Grow, Consider a Career with Redstone!


There are a lot of open construction jobs in Arkansas, and if you enjoy working outdoors and don’t like the same old same old every day, you might consider construction as a career. There’s nothing quite like the satisfaction that you get when you drive by a site that you worked on, or on a road that you paved! And, as the Little Rock metropolitan area continues to grow, you’ll never be short of work!

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Make Recycling a Part of Your Next Project


Recycling isn’t just a buzzword or a fad, its serious business.​ The Earth’s population is growing at an exponential rate, and so is the demand for a limited supply of natural resources. We all have to do our part to create sustainability.

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