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At Redstone, We Know Asphalt

There are many years of science, innovation, and development behind asphalt design, asphalt production, asphalt paving, and asphalt sealing. A staple of the construction industry, asphalt has many uses and applications—but if you are in Arkansas, the main thing you need to know about asphalt is:

Redstone Construction Group.

Redstone Construction Group has been in the construction business for over 35 years, serving Arkansas with high quality construction materials and services ranging from driveways to parking lots to freeways and beyond.

To meet the demand for asphalt from our crews, Redstone owns and operates three asphalt plants in Arkansas. Our main location is just south of Little Rock, where we produce the majority of our asphalt—but two of our plants are portable and can be mobilized to optimize the logistical efficiency of large paving jobs. And while people are most familiar with asphalt use in roads and for roofing, which accounts for about 90 percent of domestic use, asphalt has found its way into a lot of products that may surprise you.

In the early 20th century, Henry Ford used an asphalt-based, high temperature paint to coat the Model-T automobile. Baked onto the metal at over 400 degrees, it was fast drying and durable–fitting in nicely with Ford’s efforts to cut manufacturing costs, lower prices, and sell more cars.

The automotive industry uses asphalt coatings to dampen road noise and vibration, farmers use it to weatherproof fence posts, botanists and horticulturalists use it to dress wounds and graftings in trees and plants, and it’s used as a moisture barrier in roofs, walls, and foundations in buildings. Because of its many uses, its durability, and because it’s 100 percent recyclable, asphalt is today’s green choice in construction materials.

For durability and versatility, you can’t beat asphalt for affordable quality construction that provides long term value—which means you can’t beat Redstone Construction Group. In addition to our asphalt manufacturing and paving services, we also have dedicated, experienced crews performing earthwork, underground utility work, base rock work, concrete curb, gutter, and slabs, and asphalt milling and maintenance.

Plus, we operate our own asphalt and concrete recycling centers, giving Redstone the ability to recycle up to 99 percent of your concrete and asphalt waste and turn it into road base or asphalt paving. By doing this, Redstone will eliminate over 3,000 dump truck loads of waste in Central Arkansas landfills, this year alone.

Reduce your carbon footprint on your next project by calling Redstone at (501) 374-1557 or by contacting us through our online contact page. You’ll be glad you did.