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B & B Sand of Little Rock offers multiple grades of sand products as well as premium top soil

Most large-scale construction projects require sand for different purposes, and it’s always important to use the right kind of sand for the job. Sand comes in multiple grades that each serve a very specific purpose and doing the job right means finding a supplier that can deliver the right products at a competitive price.

RedStone Construction Group has recently added B & B Sand of Little Rock to its family of companies, and clients can now order construction aggregates and top soil from a company that shares the same commitment to customer satisfaction that they have come to expect from RedStone. The team at B & B is always a phone call or mouse click away to answer any questions about what sand products are right for any specific project, and are always available to take orders! Here’s a quick look at some of the sand products that are currently available from B & B Sand of Little Rock:

Concrete and Masonry Sand-A big part of a quality concrete mix is sand that is evenly and consistently graded, and different projects call for different grades of sand. For example, a swimming pool deck will typically involve a finer sand in the mix than a concrete driveway or parking lot. Additionally, some building codes will have specific grade requirements. Whatever the case, B & B Sand of Little Rock can produce concrete and masonry sand that will meet almost any specifications.

Fill Sand-Fill sand is a great all-purpose product for grading a lot, building earthworks, or stabilizing foundations. It’s coarser than concrete and masonry sand, but it’s a very versatile product that’s particularly good as a base layer for a concrete foundation or driveway.

River Gravel-River gravel can be used for driveways, walkways, landscaping, and more. The stones are generally smaller than a large coin. River gravel is multicolored with rounded surfaces, making for an attractive material to use in high-visibility spaces.

Top Soil-Our top soil is sandy but also contains organic matter that is nutrient-rich. It’s easy to work with and is light weight, doesn’t compact, and in general is easy to dig in or amend with compost, and most flowering plants benefit from the fact that it is well drained. You will rarely have to worry about over-watering and root rot problems are less likely. Transplanted plants seem to establish a little bit faster in sandy soils as well, since it is easier for their roots to get a foothold in this looser type of soil. Sandy soils also tend to warm up a little faster in the spring when compared to clay soils, so if you are an impatient gardener having a sandy soil gives you a little bit of head start in spring.

To get an estimate on any of these sand or top soil products, contact B & B Sand of Little Rock online, or (501) 945-7222.