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Be Safe in Construction Zones-For Everyone’s Sake


Spring is just around the corner, bringing with it April showers, May flowers, and…road construction. Actually, you are subject to run up on road construction in Arkansas any time of year, but with the coming of milder weather, the likelihood of coming up on a construction site will be much higher. And where there is a construction job, construction workers aren’t far behind. Where you see a collection of orange vests and white hard hats, someone else sees a Mom, a Dad, a son or daughter, a grandparent, a grandchild, or a good friend.

At RedStone Construction Group, we know construction zones can be frustrating. After all, we drive too. But just imagine what shape our highways would be in if no one ever repaired them. Not a pretty picture at all, is it?

Construction crews work to make repairs quickly and safely, but we need your help. At the end of the day we all want to go home to our families. And we want you to as well. Follow these tips to keep yourself, your family, and everyone around you safe as you travel through constuction zones:

    Watch Out – In work zones, highway workers are subject to be present at any time. Even if you don’t see anyone at the moment, they may be working just down the road. Keep your eyes on the road to avoid surprises.
    Merge Promptly – When lane closures are indicated, merge promptly rather than trying to force your way over. Besides being inconsiderate, such behavior can cause an accident or trigger a road rage incident.
    Slow Down – The number one killer in work zones is speed. Slow it down and be safe. Speeding not only puts you, other drivers, and highway workers at risk, it can lead to a pretty steep fine should you get pulled over.
    Back Off – Keep two to three car lengths between you and the person ahead to give yourself time to react if you need to stop quickly. In rainy or foggy conditions, you’ll want to leave even more room.
    Follow Instructions – When flaggers are present, you can assume their instructions overrule any other traffic signs or signals, so slow down and follow their instructions. Always be aware of your surroundings when driving near a work zone with flaggers present.
    Pay Attention – Distracted driving causes accidents. Period. In a work zone, distracted driving virtually guarantees it. When entering a work zone, turn the radio down (or off), ditch the cell phone, keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel. Facebook will still be there when you get to your next stop.

Please keep these tips in mind the next time you enter a highway work zone and you’ll emerge on the other side safely and in a much better frame of mind. Don’t tailgate, slow down, pay attention, and let’s all go home tonight.