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Five Things To Think About Before You Start Paving

Prior to beginning any paving project, some thought has to go into choosing the right company for the job. There are many paving contractors in Arkansas, and lots of factors to consider when making the final choice. The lowest bid isn’t always the best indication of who you should pick. Here are five other factors that should go into your final decision:

  1. Insurance: State law requires contractors to be insured, and sets a minimum level of coverage for compliance. Should an accident happen on your property, you want to be protected as much as possible with a contractor covered by policies for general liability, auto liability, and workers compensation, as well as an umbrella policy sufficient to cover catastrophic accidents. Redstone Construction Group is fully insured for your protection.
  2. Material Quality: Whether you select asphalt or concrete paving, there are different grades of each, and you want a contractor who understands what grade best fits the your project. To balance material cost, appearance, and longevity, you want to find a contractor who understands the science behind the manufacture and application of paving materials, and can use that knowledge for consistent and superior results. At Redstone, we operate our own asphalt plants and quarry, enabling 100% quality control over our materials.
  3. Equipment: You can tell a lot about a contractor by the equipment they use. Is it clean and well-kept in appearance or dirty and run down? Breakdowns create delays. Properly maintained equipment is vital for the successful completion of a paving project. Redstone’s fully equipped and well-staffed maintenance shop keeps our equipment in top shape and work-ready.
  4. Crew: Does the contractor have sufficient crew for the job at hand? An understaffed or inexperienced crew can negatively affect the outcome of your paving project and can cause delays to completion. At Redstone, we have our pick of the most experienced paving crew professionals in the industry.
  5. Environmental Responsibility: Our recycling program can save you money and eliminates up to 3000 dump truck loads annually from area landfills. A few ways we can help are below:
  • Up to 40% recycled asphalt materials in new asphalt
  • Up to 5% recycled shingles in new asphalt
  • Up to 99% recycled base in road bed materials
  • We can produce warm mix asphalt that requires 14% less fuel and emissions
  • Soy diesel can be used for heating
  • 100% recycled materials in erosion control check dams and construction tracking pads
  • 100% recycled materials in pipe bedding and drainage materials

Get superior results and be good to Planet Earth. Reduce your carbon footprint on your next project by calling Redstone at (501) 374-1557 or by contacting us through our online contact page. You’ll be glad you did.