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Site Excavation: Why it’s Critical for Success

For site excavating service in and around Little Rock, the company to call is RedStone Construction Group. Whatever construction project is underway at a given location, proper site excavation is the critical first step toward getting the project underway, and if it isn’t done properly, the potential is for problems to rebound throughout the construction phase and create problems long after completion.

During new construction on buildings, roads, and other structures, site excavation is one of the earliest stages. The site is excavated to create a level, clean area to work, with the foundations being established in the excavated area, or even to confirm the quality of the underlying material. Site excavation requires experience, skill and close attention to detail as it deals with large structures and creates the foundation for the entire project.

At RedStone Construction Group, we combine years of experience with the most advanced techniques, tools and heavy machinery to make sure that the job is done right.

Other earthwork services we provide in addition to site excavation include clearing, grading, undercutting, drainage, installation of storm drains and French drains, to name a few.

We also operate our own asphalt plant and rock quarry, where we produce the materials needed for high quality paving, overlays, patching, sealing, minor and major roadway repair, and new construction. We also perform installation and repair of underground utilities such as electrical service, water, sewer, and storm drainage.

RedStone Construction has been involved in numerous large-scale construction projects throughout the central Arkansas area, including the complete reconstruction of an eight-mile stretch of I-530, FedEx Distribution Center, BMW Dealership, NLR High School, Clinton National Airport, and Riverhouse Apartments.

And, we believe in doing our part to help our environment by making heavy construction a greener activity, and to keep waste out of landfills that can be used elsewhere. We are the first road contractor in Central Arkansas to incorporate recycled materials, such as shingles and other construction waste products, into asphalt production for new pavement, annually using over 3,000 truckloads of waste to make pavement that would otherwise contribute to filling up our landfills.

Call RedStone Construction today at (501) 374-1557 or contact us online and put the knowledge and experience of RedStone Construction Group behind your next construction project.