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Little Rock Quarry offers a dependable source of quality aggregate products

For over 35 years, RedStone Construction Group has provided quality asphalt paving, underground utilities, and road construction to clients throughout Arkansas. Due to increasing customer demand, they have acquired Little Rock Quarry to provide quality construction aggregates. LRQ offers rock, gravel, shale, and other products.

No order is too large or too small for LRQ, and clients can always expect a dependable source for quality products at value prices, with quality advice at no additional charge! Here’s a quick look at some of their bestselling rock products:

Fill Materials-We offer a variety of these, including shale, screenings, and soil.

Other crushed aggregates-We provide a dependable supply of quality 57 stone, C Ballast, class 7, and industrial sand, and we are happy to provide spec sheets to ensure they meet the specific needs of our customers.

Rip Rap-This product is very useful for erosion control on shorelines or hillsides. Rip Rap stones are approximately 10-18” in diameter, and lock together to protect property from the frequent rainfall and flooding that is so common in Arkansas.

For an estimate on any of these products, contact LRQ online, or (501) 407-9643.