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Looking for sand and gravel? Contact B & B Materials of North Little Rock today!

RedStone Construction has been providing quality asphalt paving, excavating, and underground utility services for over 35 years, and has always looked for ways to improve and expand its services. That’s why they have recently added B & B Materials of North Little Rock to their family of companies. Clients in central Arkansas can expect the same commitment to excellent customer service that they have come to expect from RedStone and its affiliated companies.

Sand is an important element of construction materials, particularly when making concrete. We have several different grades of sand and gravel available, depending on your specific needs. The team at B & B Sand of Little Rock is always a phone call away to answer any questions about what sand is right for any specific project, but here’s a quick look at two of the most popular sand grades available:

Concrete Sand-This sand is coarse and has very angular granules. The team at B & B Sand of North Little Rock is always happy to assist clients to ensure that they get the right aggregates that they need to produce a consistent mix that’s easy to pour and will stand the test of time.

Masonry Sand-The key difference between concrete and masonry sand is the size of the grain. Standard concrete sand might be too coarse for projects such as a swimming pools, but masonry sand is much more fine and consistent. Adding the right amount of masonry sand to cement will result in a smooth surface that will be as durable as it is attractive!

For an estimate on any of these products, contact B & B Materials of North Little Rock online, or at (501) 945-7222.