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Three smart reasons why asphalt millings can be preferable to gravel:

Asphalt millings, otherwise known as RAP (recycled asphalt pavement) is a loose material that can be used as a substitute for gravel in certain driveway and parking lot applications. RAP can be preferable to gravel because it’s not dusty and tends to bind together and become compacted as it’s driven on. We have large stockpiles of RAP available for pickup or delivery to your jobsite. We’re always a phone call away when you have questions and suggest that you consider RAP as an alternative to gravel for the following reasons:

  1. Lower Costs-RAP is former asphalt pavement that’s been milled up and turned into a loose aggregate similar to gravel. No new material is used in its creation, which can mean big savings for the end user.
  2. LEED Credits-Earning LEED certification has many benefits, including positive publicity, and even tax credits for commercial parking lots and certain other projects. Asphalt millings are long lasting and eco-friendly, and using them is a great way to demonstrate your commitment to sustainability.
  3. Reduced Long Term Maintenance-Asphalt millings require no refinishing, resurfacing, or replacing. It tends to harden over time, getting stronger rather than weaker. And when Mother Nature does her worst, RAP will weather the storm better than gravel.

RAP is a cost-effective and versatile product that can be a substitute for both hot mix asphalt and gravel—depending on the situation. For more information or a price quote, please call Asphalt Products at (501) 490-0718.