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Three Things You Must Know Before Paving a Parking Lot


Whether you’re building a brand new parking lot, or simply upgrading an existing lot, it’s important to find a paving contractor that you can trust, and develop a plan for every step of the process!

At Redstone, we’ve been Arkansas’ leading provider of excavation, asphalt, and underground utility services for 35 years and counting, and we’re here to help you create a beautiful parking area that will last for years, and be practically maintenance-free. We’re proud to use recycled household shingles in our asphalt mix, which keeps tons of construction waste out of landfills each year, and saves our clients money. We’re just a phone call away anytime you have questions, but here are a few basic things to keep in mind as you prepare to pour asphalt:

  1. Rainwater Control – Asphalt isn’t insoluble, and prolonged water exposure can shorten the lifespan of your parking lot. Be sure to design a lot that gently slopes, and be sure to also consider installing a drainage system such as a French drain, or a gutter system.
  2. Site Prep – Quality asphalt paving always starts with a solid base of fill sand or gravel to serve as a base foundation. The base material needs to be solid enough to support the pavement, but flexible enough to withstand climate changes. Sinking and cracks typically start because asphalt and rock can expand during the summer, and contract in the fall. A good base will lessen these effects when the weather does its worst.
  3. Maintenance Plan – Once we pour your asphalt, we’ll seal coat driveway and parking areas to keep out the rainwater. We’ll also develop a preventative maintenance schedule to enable you to deal with small issues before they become large ones.

A quality parking lot is always appreciated by both your clients and employees, and when you call us, we’ll help you create a quality lot that only looks expensive. Our team at Redstone has enjoyed large amounts of repeat and referral business over the years, and we’re ready to make you our next satisfied customer.

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