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Three ways that RedStone can help with parking lot upgrades

Even though most businesses don’t think about them very often, well maintained parking lots are a great benefit for both their customers and employees. They make a positive first impression with both prospective and first-time customers and have a positive impact on employee morale.

RedStone Construction Group has been providing quality road construction, paving, and underground utility services throughout central Arkansas for over four decades. They’re the first Arkansas road paving contractor to fully integrate recycled materials into its everyday products. At their asphalt recycling center, they are able to repurpose and recycle asphalt, keeping thousands of dump trucks out of Arkansas landfills each year. Here’s a quick look at the parking lot upgrades that RedStone can provide:

Concrete and asphalt paving-The RedStone team works with both hot and cold mix asphalt, and can perform new paving, patching, and resealing for your parking lot. They also do new concrete parking lots, sidewalks, curbs, and gutters, as well as concrete repairs and maintenance.

Earthworks, drainage, and erosion control-Excess rainwater gathering on a property is inconvenient, and can also lead to long term damage. Fortunately, RedStone can help! They can help you regrade your parking area to redirect excess water into a local drainage system, or build french drains.

Striping and Signage-Freshly painted parking spaces and curbs are an important part of maintaining the traffic flow in a shopping center help keep visitors safe. RedStone can also help you with signage that will comply with ADA standards.

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