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We Do Underground Utility Services Every Day


Quality construction starts from the ground up–but before construction can begin, the site must be prepared. This means clearing and grading the lot, and setting up the utilities. If the site work is not done properly, expensive delays and serious problems will cloud the future!

Redstone Construction Group is a leader in Arkansas construction and our suite of services has steadily increased over the past 35 years. We’ve been performing high quality site work for many years and have developed considerable expertise in these four major types of underground utilities.

1. Water – Your local utility company is responsible for maintenance of the main water line, but you’re responsible for maintaining the water lines under your property. We can help you determine how much demand your building will place on the water lines and build accordingly. We can also help you plan for future growth.

2. Sanitary Sewers – There are few things more unpleasant than the thought of a backed up sewer system, and we’ll make sure that your wastewater utility lines are sufficient enough to handle the usage of your employees and customers, and minimize your long-term maintenance problems.

3. Storm Drains – Over time, rainwater buildup can cause serious damage to buildings and parking lots. It’s also a major inconvenience to the people that are forced to walk around large puddles. We can help you develop a drainage system that will carry rainwater away and minimize the harmful effects of the frequent heavy rainfall that we encounter in Arkansas.

4. Electrical – Underground electrical work requires knowing the location of underground electrical sources and connecting to them safely. Our teams works in conjunction with the electrical utility providers and electrical contractors and have completed all of the necessary training to meet and exceed safety standards for electrical utility work.

When it comes to underground utility work, you should insist on RedStone! We can do the job quickly, safely, and within budget. Most importantly, your satisfaction is always guaranteed! Contact us at this link or give us a call at (501) 374-1557 if you have any questions!