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What to Know About Recycled Concrete and Asphalt

As the Earth’s population continues growing and consuming natural resources at exponential rates, the importance of recycling becomes increasingly obvious. With several natural resources, it’s not a question of if, but when we’re going to run out, and the key to sustainability is repurposing materials that we no longer need, and keeping them out of landfills.

At Redstone Construction Group, we understand that the Earth is not something that we inherit from our parents, but something that we borrow from our children. That’s why we chose to be the first asphalt paving company in the central Arkansas area to fully integrate recycled materials into its everyday products. We’re proud to participate in the LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) program, a green building certification program that recognizes best-in-class building strategies and practices. Using renewable materials and clean energy saves money and positively impacts the health of occupants. Redstone is able to recycle 99% of your concrete and asphalt waste and turn it into road base or asphalt paving, and each year we will eliminate over 3,000 dump truck loads of waste in Central Arkansas landfills. Here are a couple of our most popular recycled products:

Recycled Concrete

Redstone is the leading producer of recycled concrete in Little Rock. Recycling concrete is a pretty straightforward process. When a building is demolished, we remove the steel rebar, and send it to our recycling facility, where it’s crushed and ground to a fine consistency and used as concrete base.

Recycled Asphalt

Each year, we recycle shingles from over 1500 homes in central Arkansas to create new asphalt. The pavement you drive on today could have literally been on the roof your house yesterday! Our asphalt products include up to 5% recycled shingles, and up to 40% recycled asphalt materials. We can produce warm mix asphalt that requires 14% less fuel and emissions, and heat it with soy diesel fuel.

Using recycled materials saves you money, and it’s the right thing to do. Our team at Redstone know that you share our interest in sustainability, and we’re ready to help you reduce your carbon footprint on your next project! For more information, click here, or give us a call at (501) 374-1557.