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A Few Keys to Proper Solid Waste Disposal


Excavation and new construction can both create a great deal solid waste. It’s a standard by-product of most jobs, and the last step in any project typically involves hauling off tons of broken concrete and other materials. What’s the best way to dispose of all that construction waste?

RedStone Construction Group is the first road contractor in the Central Arkansas area to fully integrate recycled materials into its everyday products, and we also participate in the LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) program, which recognizes contractors that use green building strategies and practices. We’re firm believers in recycling and repurposing building materials, and each year we’re able to keep over 3,000 dump truck loads of solid waste out of our landfills. Here are a couple of important ways that our team is working to reduce our carbon footprint in Arkansas:

Concrete Recycling – When a building is demolished, we can haul off any concrete waste that does not contain wire or rebar to our Little Rock quarry, where we recycle concrete and it begins its new life as road base–it’s a simple matter of crushing the concrete to the desired consistency.

Asphalt Recycling – Each year, we re-purpose thousands of tons of asphalt waste, and we recycle roofing shingles to create new asphalt. A substantial percentage of our new asphalt is recycled, and we can also produce warm mix asphalt that requires 14% less fuel and emissions. Recycled asphalt is eco-friendly, and it saves our clients money.

When it comes to natural resources, it’s not a question of “if” we’re going to run out, but “how soon?” That’s why our team at RedStone Construction Group is committed to doing whatever it takes to preserve our natural resources. We’re able to re-purpose 99% of asphalt and concrete waste into new products, and we’re proud to set and maintain industry-leading standards for solid waste disposal.

Whether you need concrete, asphalt, milling, or underground utility work, you can count on our team members to find ways to do the job cleanly and at competitive rates. Most importantly, we guarantee your satisfaction on every job. You may schedule an estimate online or give us a call at (501) 374-1557 if you have any questions.