The Importance of Asphalt Pavers for Roads

Jul 9, 2024 | Blog

From fixing a pothole to building miles of interstate, the RedStone crew knows the do’s and don’ts of working with asphalt. We’ve been providing Arkansas with high-quality asphalt and paving services for over five decades! So, what exactly is asphalt? Well, asphalt is a composite material made of crushed stone, gravel, sand, and bitumen. It is usually used to surface roads, parking lots, and anywhere that is intended to be driven on.

When you’re working on large projects, like roads and major highways, the workload for just the men and their hands can be astronomical. And since large paving projects usually come with a timeline and end date, you want to conserve the physical labor where you can. That’s where asphalt pavers come in.

What Are Asphalt Pavers?

Asphalt pavers are large pieces of machinery used to lay asphalt onto a road, bridge, highway, or parking lot. The pavers job is to lay the material flat and then lightly compact it down before the road roller comes in to compact it further. Asphalt pavers are usually self-propelled via tracks or tires, saving a crew time, and conserving the crew’s energy.

The asphalt paver is filled via the help of a dump truck. The truck will fill the paver with asphalt, and as the paver trudges forward, conveyors will push the asphalt material out of the back of the paver, where it is distributed behind the machine as it moves. The paver can be adjusted to dispense the asphalt according to the width of the road you’re paving.

As the asphalt is dispensed, a screed will level the layers of asphalt and compact it down. These screeds are heated and can also be adjusted according to the width you need. This screed is responsible for saving the crew labor, as it will eliminate the need for someone to level the asphalt by hand before the roller comes in.

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Why Are Asphalt Pavers So Important for Roads?

In addition to conserving the crew’s energy and time, asphalt pavers are beneficial for the asphalt they’re laying down. It’s safe to say that we have all driven on a road that is in desperate need of re-paving, or has been badly repaired. That road could benefit from the help of an asphalt paver during its repair.

The paver itself can help create an even and smooth surface that creates better traction for an improved driving experience. Plus, asphalt pavers are relatively quick machines, and can cut down on the time used on the project, and prevent further disruptions to traffic.

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How RedStone Does Asphalt Paving

At RedStone, we’ve been paving Arkansas’ roads for 50 years. We own our very own asphalt plants, rock quarries, and sand plants! The opportunity to own and regulate our own supplies allows us to oversee and control the quality and use of our asphalt. This also allows us to create custom asphalt mixes to handle any type of conditions on the runway or roadway.

The asphalt technicians on the RedStone team are knowledgeable and highly competent, making certain that every paving job is done right. We’ll make sure that your patching or paving job is done efficiently and on time. We offer statewide coverage and 24/7 service. No job is too big or small for the RedStone team.

If you have an asphalt paving job that needs to be done, the RedStone team is here. Visit our contact page to get a quote, timeline, and more information about your specific job today!