Planning a Career in the Construction Industry

Construction is such a vast and broad industry. In March of 2021, there were almost 7.5 million people  working in construction! As a construction worker, you can work on commercial projects, utilities projects, industrial projects, engineering projects, and even residential projects!

With all the opportunities and options out there, how do you plan a career in the construction industry? In this article, we’ll discuss some of the most popular construction jobs on the market in detail to help you figure out the right fit for your experience level!

Best Entry Level Construction Jobs

Construction is a great industry to plan a career in for so many reasons. If you’re looking to get into the industry but don’t have any experience or a degree, these entry-level jobs are exactly the kind of construction positions you should be looking for!

  • Laborer – Laborers exist in relatively every subcategory there is in construction. Carpentry, General Contractor’s, Landscape, Painting, Commercial Construction, Flooring, Tile, Masonry, Roofing, Asphalt… Every single construction company needs people who are willing to get down to the dirty work to gain some experience! While these types of jobs require a lot of physical exertion with relatively low pay, everyone’s gotta start somewhere. Chances are you’ll work your way up pretty quickly. See if we’re currently hiring any asphalt laborers here.
  • Skilled Trade Worker – Another great place to start in the construction industry is to become a skilled trade worker! You can gain apprenticeship under trade workers like carpenters, painters, electricians, and roofers to learn the skills of their trade. You can also enroll in specialty programs for some of these trades, like plumbing and electric work. Many skilled trade workers go on to specialize and make great money, but the first few years may average yearly income in the $40,000 range as you gain experience.

Best Mid Level Construction Jobs

If you’ve already done a little construction work or if you have a relevant degree of some sort, you may be able to slide into the construction industry in a mid range position! Here are a few ideas for you to consider as you’re planning a career in the construction industry.

  • Foreman – Foremen are kind of like the laborers’ manager. They still get their hands dirty, but they also manage the other workers and laborers on the project. This is a great step up from General Laborer, and you may be able to start in a Foreman position if you have some education, experience, or past leadership/management history. Like labor, you can have a foreman position in any type of construction. Interested in asphalt work? See if there’s a Foreman position for you at Redstone!
  • Equipment Operator – Equipment Operators can have lucrative construction careers in any subcategory! Almost every niche in construction requires heavy machinery, and heavy machinery always requires a competent operator. Learn to use some of the machines in your field and become an equipment operator. See available Redstone Equipment Operator jobs.

Best High Level Construction Jobs

Have you been in the construction field for a while? Are you looking to take your career to the next level? There are plenty of cool high level careers in construction out there waiting for you. Here are some examples. 

  • Superintendent – A Superintendent is in charge of overseeing the entire construction process. These people are usually on site for the project. Superintendents are compensated very well, as they must have vast knowledge of the projects they take charge of. Superintendent roles can be found in any construction field, and they can get really specific. For example, we have positions like Excavation Superintendents who oversee the entire excavation process. 
  • Project Manager – Love construction but looking to get out of the field a little bit? Project Managing may be a great career shift for you. Project Managers are like Superintendents, but instead of overseeing the day-to-day aspects of a project, they do more administrative style management. Project managers may coordinate contractors, do scheduling, document the stages of the project, estimate costs, etc. To excel in this role, you truly need to understand the ins and outs of a construction project! See if Redstone is hiring any Project Managers here
  • Engineer – Looking to move into a higher-level role in the construction industry? Engineering could be an amazing opportunity! Engineering does require education, and sometimes several degrees, but it’s a fulfilling and lucrative career. Check with your employer about school opportunities and growth paths to see if engineering is a possibility for your construction career!

There you have it! Construction is such a great field to plan a career in – from entry level to high level, the positions are usually fulfilling, fun, and fast-paced. If you’re looking to get started in construction in Central Arkansas and have an interest in the asphalt and paving industry, check out our current job openings or give us a call for more info today! We’d love to have you on the Redstone team.