Over the past several years, the number of young people pursuing careers in the trades has decreased. Less and less people are seeking trade jobs out of high school, instead deciding to attend colleges.

Of course there’s nothing wrong with seeking a desk job, but finding a career in the trades is incredibly rewarding– and profitable.

We’ll always need to build, maintain, and renovate buildings, which means that construction workers have a kind of job security that most careers just can’t compete with.

Plus, there’s currently a nationwide shortage of construction workers, so right now there are plenty of great jobs readily available in a profitable industry.

Is construction work skilled labor?

One of the most common myths about construction is that it’s physically taxing work that doesn’t require a lot of brain power, and that couldn’t be further from the truth.

In fact, pursuing a job in construction means that you’ll develop and hone skills that will help you throughout your career, no matter what type of construction job you seek.

An important skill to have in the field of construction is a solid knowledge of engineering and, generally, how things work as they pertain to building. This knowledge isn’t required upon entry to the industry, but you’ll certainly gather it as you go along!

Physical Strength

Construction is a very physical job– so while you don’t have to be a bodybuilder or possess superhuman strength, some physical strength, stamina, and dexterity will be very helpful to have as you progress in your construction career.

Having physical strength can help you transport materials and navigate job sites with ease, while developing stamina helps you stay energized and capable throughout the work day.

Communication Skills

Because construction is a collaborative job, it also helps a lot to have great communication skills. You should be able to work well with others and cooperate when working as a team.

Being able to communicate effectively is a must, especially during physically demanding parts of the job. It can help keep everyone safe and keep the job moving along at a good pace.

Math Skills

It also really helps to have some good foundational math skills. While you most likely won’t be solving any highly complicated equations, you’ll still need to determine the amount of materials you’ll need and make notes of how much is used.

Ever heard the phrase “measure twice, cut once?” – it’s helpful to figure out the numbers ahead of time to ensure accuracy and keep the project on schedule.


Finally, a great construction worker has the ability to think on their feet and solve problems as they arise. Every project is going to deal with setbacks, struggles, and problems, but how you treat those setbacks is key to ensuring a happy client and a project that’s completed on time.

Ready for a career in construction?

If you’ve got the above skills and are looking for a rewarding career that’ll help you build your knowledge, skills, and professional relationships, a job in the construction industry is perfect for you!

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