If you’ve been in the construction industry for any amount of time, you know there are a variety of different specialty jobs! With so many construction specializations to choose from, how do you know where to begin? The best place to start when trying to find your niche is to educate yourself on your options. 

Within construction, you can work in commercial settings, residential settings, and even mix used settings. No matter which type of construction you choose to do, there are numerous groups of professionals on any given job site! This article will break down some of the bigger umbrella categories of construction job types to help you narrow down your search.


Construction Contractors are professionals who complete construction projects by hiring many different sub-contractors. These individuals plan, bid, and coordinate jobs of all types and sizes. Oftentimes, contractors have a construction background and skill set that aids them in finding the right people to get their project done to the highest quality for the best price.


Sub-Contractors are construction professionals who specialize in a certain niche and are usually hired by a Construction Contractor to complete a very specific part of a project. Here are some common types of sub-contractors: 

  • Plumber
  • Roofer
  • Drywaller
  • Painter
  • Glazier
  • Electrician
  • Flooring Specialist
  • HVAC Specialist
  • Engineer
  • Brick/Siding Specialist
  • Carpenter

Heavy Equipment Operator:

Are you fascinated by hydraulic cranes, bulldozers, forklifts, dump trucks, and other types of heavy machinery? Becoming a Heavy Equipment Operator may be the right construction job for you! These construction specialists go through several different training courses and certifications to be able to operate these large machines safely on a busy job site.


    Construction site surveyors have a very important job. They take exact measurements in order to distinguish property lines and foundation placement. To be a surveyor, you must have a bachelor’s degree! A normal day for a surveyor would involve:

    • Visiting the site to measure distances
    • Look up records and titles for the site
    • Compare and contrast different boundary records to the current site
    • Accurately record the results of the survey
    • Create reports with maps and land plots
    • Help with other land/water boundary details


      Construction inspectors are tasked with making sure projects are built safely and in compliance with state and federal construction regulations. Buildings, bridges, and most other structures all have guidelines they must meet to be considered up-to-code and safe for utilization. Inspectors study these different codes and make sure they’re being followed through on at each job site.

          Environmental Manager:

          If you’ve got a passion for protecting land and wildlife, becoming an Environmental Manager may be the perfect construction specialization for you! Construction Environmental Managers plan out a course of action so that a project can be as eco-friendly as possible. This includes pollution control, waste and recycling procedures, energy consumption, and more. Environmental Managers develop reports and present plans and budgets to construction staff. They can even help recommend changes and improvements to buildings that are already in place!

              Site Prep/Underground Utilities/Concrete and Asphalt:

              Here at Redstone, this specialty is near and dear to our hearts. Why? Well, because we’ve been doing it for decades! Site Prep is a construction specialty that involves doing major earthwork to get a site ready for building. We also work on underground utilities like water, electrical, storm drains, and sewage lines. In addition, we’re the best asphalt and concrete professionals around! This specialty is an amazing career for anyone interested in construction.

              These are just a few of the endless specialties in the field of construction. We hope this blog post was helpful in your search for the perfect construction career! If you have questions about different types of jobs or are interested in working in Site Prep/Earthwork/Underground Utilities/Asphalt, give us a shout at (501)374-1557 or shoot us an email at info@redstone-cg.com. We’d love to have you join Arkansas’ best site prep team.