Construction is an amazing and broad career path that can be as rewarding as you make it! A lot of times, construction professionals have to start at the bottom of the ladder and work their way up. This is arguably one of the reasons the field is so great – most management employees have been laborers at some point, so they can empathize with their crews. If you’ve been in construction for a while and are hoping to make a move into a management role, you’re in luck – there are a lot of options! In this article we’ll discuss eight different construction management roles that may be right for your next career move.

Construction Project Director

These construction professionals make an average of about $90,000 each year. They have the responsibility of oversight for big projects and managing a group of construction managers. They assess the scope of the project and divvy up tasks to different teams and crews until the job is complete.

General Contractor

General contractors make an average salary of around $88,000. They manage a crew of construction staff. General contractors can work in both residential and commercial settings, and the size of their projects tend to range immensely. They are in charge of keeping sites and projects safe, employing necessary subcontractors for different project tasks, and applying for any necessary permits for the job!

Site Engineer

These construction management professionals make an average of about $87k each year for managing a specific part of a construction job. They work closely with surveyors to make sure that the project will meet specs and safety regs. Sometimes, site engineers get to be advisors for locations for job sites and even the design of the job!

Construction Project Manager

Project managers can make an average salary of about $81,000. From design to delivery, these professionals work with the customer closely throughout the job process. They create and enforce project deadlines, staff the crews, draw up estimates and manage the project budget, and keep an eye on the progress of the job as a whole.

Construction Manager

If you loved team sports when you were growing up, you’ll probably fit right into a career in construction. Most specialties operate in a team setting. You bond with your crew members, and most times it feels like a little family. You create trust, and you’ll work with people you know you can rely on! If you like to be a team player, construction will be a perfect job for you.

Sustainability Consultant

Sustainability consultants can make an average of about $78,000 annually. They are responsible for assessing a project and creating a list of recommendations to optimize for environmental consciousness and efficient energy consumption. They are knowledgeable and proficient in sustainability best practices and help their customers understand their importance.


Superintendents make a yearly average salary of about $77k. They are in charge of the day-to-day management of a construction project. Most of the time, they are onsite with the crews, making sure that operations are going smoothly. They might be in charge of estimates, scheduling, and monitoring the progress of the job as a whole! It may also fall under their duties to keep the site safe.

Field Engineer

As a field engineer, you could make about $71,000 each year. These construction management professionals help to optimize a project plan for efficiency. They look into the structure, the construction plans, and the systems and processes of a job to see if they can find any room for improvement. Oftentimes, this role includes meetings with other construction management staff, the customers, and other engineering professionals.

In the big field of construction, there are really unlimited career pathways. We hope these 8 descriptions of construction management positions with potential have provided you with insight and guidance to help propel you into your next career position! If you’re looking for a hardworking, dedicated company to work for that feels like family, consider applying to be part of our team at Redstone! You can view our open positions on our careers page.