Within the construction industry, there are lots of terms and materials that the average person might not know too much about. If you’re looking to get into the construction industry, it couldn’t hurt to do a little extra research so you can be as informed as possible as you enter your new career path.

Two examples of common materials within the construction industry: cement and concrete.

These two materials are incredibly commonly used, and everyone knows what they are– to some degree. Here’s the rundown on concrete vs. cement, because it’s always helpful to know the difference– especially in the construction industry!

Which one is stronger– cement or concrete?

On its own, cement is not strong enough to be used as a building material.

This is why cement is an essential ingredient of concrete. With the addition of water and aggregates, cement becomes concrete, which is strong, durable, and able to support heavy loads and resist weathering over the years.

What are cement and concrete used for?

Cement is primarily used as an ingredient for concrete– which means that it’s used anywhere that concrete is used. These applications might include the construction of buildings and sidewalks, bridges, and roads.

Concrete is used for all kinds of things– from water pipes and drainage systems to building foundations, walls, floors, and structural elements within construction projects.

How are cement and concrete made?

Cement is mixed with water, which binds together the granules of limestone and clay that have been heated and ground into a fine powder.

Concrete is made using the cement mixture plus water and additional aggregates.

Concrete that you see in its final form has been poured into a form or mold to create its shape.

What kind of maintenance do cement and concrete require?

In general, concrete is built to last for a long time. However, over the years, it might require some maintenance– for example, cleaning, resealing, and structural repairs in the event of damage or wear and tear.

Knowing the difference between cement and concrete is definitely helpful for someone who’s looking into the construction industry as a career change. Now you know– concrete is the one you see around you, in buildings, bridges, and sidewalks. Cement is just an ingredient in concrete!

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