We here at Redstone provide heavy construction services in a safe and efficient environment, and we want our employees to thrive while providing needed services to our community. We look for teammates who aren’t afraid to work hard, speak up, and step up. At Redstone, we work hard, have fun, and pay well. Some of our current job openings are detailed below. Don’t forget to check out our careers page to apply and find other open positions.

Motor Assist

Specific duties of this position include moving and maintaining traffic control devices, flagging traffic, and assisting motorists with broken down vehicles.

Quarry Maintenance Tech

Specific duties of this position include maintaining quarry site equipment such as bearings, rollers, and screens and performing pulley changes, conveyer greasing, and belt splicing. You must help plan and oversee maintenance activities and troubleshoot equipment failures or potential failures to help keep the plant running efficiently.

Quarry Laborer

Specific duties of this position include general site labor, assisting with plant cleanup and operations, learning how to assist with plant maintenance, running equipment such as a bobcat, skid steer, water truck, and haul truck, training in production positions to fill in as needed, assisting other team members as needed and more.

Pipe Division Superintendent

This position supervises the layout, assembly, and installation of utility pipes and studies project specifications to plan sequencing and installation.

Diesel Mechanic

This position must diagnose, rebuild, and repair heavy equipment, as well as perform inspections and preventive maintenance on said equipment.

Construction Laborer

Essential functions of this role include performing strenuous manual labor in heavy or highway construction projects and to prepare surfaces for paving. You’ll shovel asphalt into construction areas and assist in patching asphalt, as well as excavate and fill trenches and ditches.

Lowboy Driver

Essential functions of this role include transporting milling crew equipment, including maneuvering, loading, and unloading small construction equipment on heavy equipment trailers; loading, unloading, and transporting water via 4,000-gallon tanker truck; maintaining a current medical certification; conducting daily preventive maintenance checks on trucks and trailers, and more.

Welder/Millwright (Maintenance Welder/Fabricator)

This position diagnoses, rebuilds, and repairs industrial machinery, such as conveying systems, production machinery, screens, motors, and crushers, by performing welding and fabrication skills.

Pipe Foreman

This position supervises a construction crew to assure optimum productivity and construction compliance. For this role, the construction crew you must supervise is responsible for laying out, assembling, and installing various sizes and types of utility pipes. You must also study product specifications to plan sequencing and installation.

Construction Foreman

This position will oversee a four man crew finishing concrete and operating a curb machine. The ideal candidate will be a hands-on manager.

Redstone is an equal opportunity employer and considers all qualified applicants equally without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, veteran status, or disability status. Apply to one of our open positions today to find out more about how to join our rewarding team.