Want to change the world? Becoming a civil engineer opens up all kinds of opportunities to improve the world around you. These construction professionals are all about safety, planning, and precision execution. Buildings, utilities, roads, bridges, airports… you name it, a civil engineer helped to ensure it came together correctly and safely. Should you pursue a career in civil engineering? Read on to find out if it would be a good fit for you!

Math is Fun For You

It’s no secret that engineers crunch a lot of numbers. Civil engineers spend tons of time calculating in order to make sure their project comes together perfectly. Applied math is an everyday task for these professionals. If you love numbers, have fun doing math, and look forward to finding and solving the perfect equations, civil engineering may be for you!

You Like Variety

No two days look the same for a civil engineer. Every single project comes with brand new equations, problems, and opportunities. This job is most definitely not monotonous! If you love variety and change and get excited about new projects, you’d love civil engineering.

You Love Teamwork

Construction projects take a huge team of professionals to be completed. Civil engineers work closely with all kinds of different people during the duration of any given project. Construction management, water resource management, and even other engineers (like environmental, geotechnical, structural, and transportation engineers) all come together to make sure the project goes smoothly. On really big projects, there could even be multiple civil engineers with different specialties working together! If you love to be involved in team efforts, civil engineering could be a great fit.

Improving Communities Matters to You

If you love your community or communities in general, civil engineering may be the purpose you’re looking for. These construction professionals spend a lot of time on safety precautions and security measures to make sure a project only enhances the community it is in. Thinking through all the ways to improve the project in order to preserve and better the community are all vital roles for a civil engineer! You’ll be involved in sustainability efforts, environmentally-friendly initiatives, and other amazing tasks. Think of all the energy and emissions improvements you’ll make over your career as a civil engineer!

You Like to See Tangible Results

The construction industry in general is great for people who like to physically see the product of their hard work. It’s no different for civil engineers! As the project goes on, you see your hard work come to life. You won’t be a paper pusher sitting behind a desk 8 hours a day. You’ll get to be involved in the life of each and every project! Being a part of a large project like a stadium, a hospital, a bridge, or a skyscraper can be very rewarding.

You Want to Make Money

Of course, one of the greatest draws of civil engineering is the paycheck. Construction as an industry is worth more than $1.36 trillion dollars – there is plenty of money to be made. Civil engineers can earn an average salary of over $95k each year, and if you work hard it isn’t unheard of to be making six figures.

Overall, civil engineering is an incredible field to go into! If you’re looking to gain some construction experience before deciding on a career path, check out Redstone’s current job openings. We’d love to have you on the team!