Construction is a wonderful industry with rewarding work! When the construction business is good, it’s usually a great indicator that the economy is good as well. That’s because the construction industry relies heavily on so many of the materials that support our economic system! In this article, we’ll teach you some of the most important and frequently used materials in construction.


Concrete is such a versatile material in construction! It’s composed of “aggregate” – crushed stone, gravel, etc. that’s binded with a liquid that hardens up with time! Concrete is strong and durable, and it’s recyclable. When a parking lot or road is busted up, the concrete can be transported to a recycling plant and crushed back up to be used again for another project – and the quality doesn’t diminish! Another great reason we use concrete in construction is because it can take virtually any shape or form we need it to, since it starts out as a liquid. It can also be strengthened with the use of rebar (steel bars).


It’s no surprise that a lot of wood is used in the construction industry. Since the beginning of time, people have been cutting down trees and using the wood to form new structures. Nowadays, the dimensional lumber system has made it one of the most easy-to-use and convenient for planning materials known to man! Dimensional lumber is the universal system of standard sizes of wood boards that are sold in stores! Another reason wood is such a useful resource in construction is because there are so many different types – there are hardwoods, softwoods, etc. Each project may have a different type of wood that would be the most effective material to use!


Steel is used for so many different purposes in construction. It’s made of carbon, iron, and other alloys, and it’s very strong for how much it weighs! Engineers like to use it for the structural framework of big buildings. One other fact about steel is that it’s relatively expensive compared to other metals.


“Brick and mortar” is such a common practice in construction that it became a saying! One of the biggest reasons that bricks and other types of masonry are so common in construction is because they are fireproof. They can also stand very heavy amounts of compression, making them good materials for walls and structures.


Another material we use a lot of in construction is sand – it can build more than sandcastles! Concrete sand can be mixed with cement, masonry sand is highly versatile, river sand can strengthen structural integrity, crushed stone sand is great for road construction, and utility sand is perfect for filling in walls, pipes, and trenches!

Construction materials help to fortify the economy, since we use such large amounts around the nation each year! Come find out what types of things we use daily at Redstone Construction. Get in touch with us –