Wood is far from being the only material used during construction projects, but it certainly plays a very important role in the process. If you’ve ever seen a home under construction, you’ve probably seen the framing process– in which the general structure of the building is constructed with wood, giving clients a good idea of sizing and general layout.

There’s a reason why wood has played such a major role in construction for the past several thousand years. It’s plentiful and readily available, and very sturdy. It’s also machined into specific, standardized sizes that make planning a construction project easier. Plus, it provides great insulation!

Are all types of wood used in construction?

The types of wood used in the construction process depend greatly on where they’re being utilized.

There are two major categories of wood: softwood and hardwood. Hardwoods are from leafy trees, like oak and maple. Softwoods are from trees that have cones instead of leaves, like pine, spruce, and fir trees.

You might think right off the bat that hardwood would be the better choice– after all, it’s hard, so wouldn’t it be stronger?

But in fact, softwood is typically used for the framing process. This is because it’s lighter-weight and simply easier to deal with. It’s also cheaper!

Wood that’s used for framing has to be cut to specific dimensions, and will also be much more receptive to additional cuts, nails, and anything else that would be difficult with a very hard wood.

How can I choose the right type of wood for construction?

The type of wood you go with depends greatly on the context. Softwood is great for framing purposes, but for any context where wood will be exposed or visible, hardwood is usually a better choice.

For example, hardwood floors are a main staple in home construction. A beautiful hardwood floor is a major feature to any home– the thousands of TikTok videos where home renovators are delighted to discover hardwood buried under old carpet is proof of that!

Although most “visible” wood in construction is hardwood, there are exceptions to every rule. Cedar is considered a softwood, but it’s often used in homes because of its unique properties. Its natural fragrance repels insects, including moths, making it a great choice for closets. Plus, it’s resistant to moisture, which means it’s unlikely to form mildew or mold.

Choosing the perfect type of wood for your project is a decision you should make carefully, considering exactly where and how it will be used.

What types of wood are used in construction?

Like we mentioned above, cedar is a softwood that’s particularly great to use in closets because of its moisture- and insect-repelling properties.

Fir wood is one of the most popular types of wood used in construction because it’s plentiful, inexpensive, and perfectly suited for framing and construction.

Pine is another type of softwood which is strong and versatile– it’s used for everything from craft projects to cabinets to timber framing.

For a construction project where exposed wood will be visible outdoors, cypress is a great choice. It’s resistant to moisture, which means it’s unlikely to rot or form water damage. For that reason, it’s often used for building wooden decks for residential buildings.

What type of wood should I use for my upcoming project?

If you’re not sure what type of wood to go with, it’s best to consult an expert. Contact the pros here at Redstone Construction Group for a high-quality project handled by an amazing team.