If you’re on the hunt for a fulfilling, interesting career that’s also lucrative enough to support you and your family, the construction industry is a fantastic place to look!

Construction is an especially great field to go into right now– there are plenty of jobs available, enough that you’ll more than likely have the opportunity to choose what you’d like to specialize in.

Once you’ve found a specialty, a job, or a company that really appeals to you, it’s time to send in your application– but if you’ve never worked in the industry before, you might not be sure exactly where to start.

We’ve compiled some helpful tips on how to get your foot in the door– and we hope to see your application soon!

Get prepared

Before you start job searching, you should have at least a general idea in mind of what kind of job you’d like to do. Do some research about what various construction jobs entail, and find something that sparks your interest.

You’ll have a much better experience in general if you’re genuinely interested in the work you’re doing, and if you choose a career path that utilizes your skills!

You should also prepare your resume. It’s important to submit a resume that looks clean, professional, and organized. But don’t worry– you don’t have to be a graphic designer to put together a great-looking resume. There are plenty of resume templates available online, which you can just download and fill in with your own information and professional experience.

Find some jobs

Luckily for job hunters, lots of search engines exist for the sole purpose of helping to connect people with job openings. Since you’ve already narrowed down what you want to do, searching for your desired position on various job search engines will help you come up with results that are relevant to you, your skills, and your professional experience.

The construction industry has plenty of job openings right now, so you most likely won’t have any trouble finding some that are just right for you.

In fact, there might be so many that you have a hard time keeping track of them all– and if a hiring manager reaches out to you, you definitely don’t want to be scrambling to remember which job they’re from!

In order to avoid that potentially embarrassing situation, we’d recommend creating a spreadsheet or at least an informal list of the jobs you’ve applied to, with some basic information about them– like location, general job duties, and any other information it would help to have on hand.

Get specific

Some construction companies go a step beyond just posting on job search websites– in fact, here at RedStone, we’ve created an application system that you can access from anywhere by simply texting REDSTONE to 22100. You’ll be connected with a database of our available positions, and you can apply right from your phone– it couldn’t be simpler.

Finding a company that makes it simple to apply for a position is a big deal during the process of job hunting, which can sometimes be a frustrating process.

Find a company that values your hard work

It’s great to find a position that’s relevant to your professional experience, skills, and interests– but if the company culture isn’t great, you might not have an amazing time working there.

Dig deep to find a company who values their employees, and where employees support one another to create a positive, efficient work environment. (Hint– RedStone definitely fits the bill!)

If you’re ready to get started on your new career path today, just text REDSTONE to 22100 or visit our Careers page. We’d love to work with you!